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Photographic Mentoring and Critique
Join us for a unique opportunity to work individually with a photographic mentor to advance your photographic skills, refine your photographic vision, and realize all your creative projects and goals. Mentors will work personally with you to help guide and support you towards achieving your photographic aspirations and long term goals such as:


• Having your images Exhibited in a Gallery
• Getting Your Work Printed in a Magazine, Book, or Newspaper
• Publishing Your Own Photographic Book
• Building a Stronger Portfolio
• Developing Your Marketing and Branding Professional Image

Our Photographic Mentorship Programs will help you overcome your hurdles and develop your strengths. With one-on-one mentoring, you receive personal attention, creative assignments, and feedback that will help propel you forward with your photography development and towards realizing your photographic goals and dreams.

Download our Mentorships Program Brochure

Mentoring Programs may be the answer for you

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• Are you ready to make your photographic goals and dreams a reality?
• Are you determined to commit time to your photographic dreams, but cannot seem to get focused, inspired or motivated on your own?
• Do you want to improve your skills as rapidly as possible?
• Is it too difficult to travel for quality workshop courses with your home & work responsibilities?


The Photography Mentorship program offers several options to cater to your individual needs.

This Mentorship Program offers a year-long program consisting of 17 sessions with your mentor. This includes I hour and fifteen minute phone consultations approximately every three weeks, photographic assignments, and critiques of online images. We include an extra fifteen minutes for every session to ensure personal time with each partcipant.

This Mentorship Program offers a 6 month program consisting of 8 sessions with your mentor.This includes 1 hour and fifteen minute phone consultations approximately every three weeks, photographic assignments, and critiques of online images. We include an extra fifteen minutes for every session to ensure personal time with each partcipant.

Single sessions of one hour and fifteen minutes each.

Curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of topics as they arise from your individual needs and questions. All communications will occur via phone or online. In-person is also a possibility should you be able to travel to meet with your mentor. Most mentorships typically focus on refining personal vision and style coupled with technical advice and training, advice on book publishing or exhibiting work, business and marketing strategies, life coaching, referrals and other connections may also be part of the mentor relationship. Mentors will most certainly help you develop and expand your passion for imagemaking.

We will personally consult with every applicant upon enrollment in order to understand your personal goals for the program, make suggestions, and approve each individually designed mentorship program.You will be contacted by your mentor to set up a regular telephone conference time.You will receive monthly assignments, custom-designed for YOUR goals and interests. You will complete and submit these prior to your next telephone conference.

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All communications will occur via phone or online and can be face to face if you are willing to travel to meet your mentor. The opportunity to photograph with your mentor may be a valuable gift for your photographic journey. Face to Face meetings wil be agreed upon and worked out by each mentor team. Additional costs may be associated with in-person meetings.

Each mentorship program is developed for individual personal one-to-one sessions with your mentor with a frequency of approximately every three weeks. This time frame is flexible, however, mentorships should be completed by the end of the chosen period (6 or 12 months). Sessions will be conducted over the phone or email, although Skype and iChat are possibilities. Assignments will be given by the mentor at the end of each session to be completed within the three-week timeframe. Images should be posted or emailed to the mentor with enough time for the mentor to review the work before the next scheduled session.

It will be important to respect the mentors’ time commitments to this program, as all of our mentors are busy professionals. Each mentor session is 75 minutes. Any contact with your mentor between these scheduled sessions should to be kept to emergencies.

The Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photographic Workshops will post a web gallery of images made by all mentorship students, giving your work international
exposure and resume prestige.

Although we know travel is not always possible, we do invite students to come join us for the special events offered by PhotoArts Santa Fe every year. This event offers seminars, lectures, and presentations, along with fun social gatherings for valuable networking.

Fully Customizable ©Create Your Own Mentorship Program

Weekly, Monthy, and Yearly packages Include:
• 1.25 hour phone consultations
• Photographic assignments
• Photographic critiques of online images
• Competition preparation advice

FULL YEAR Photography Mentorship (17 sessions): $4,500 (no hidden fees)
HALF YEAR Photography Mentorship (8 sessions): $2,600 (no hidden fees)
Single sessions are $350

Download our Mentorships Program Brochure

If you are interested in a mentorship, your first step is to make an appointment to talk with us about your goals and mentorship choices.
Download our Mentorship Brochure. Coming soon. Pease check back.

Please call or write to the Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Photographic Workshops at 707.SEE. FOTO or email:

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