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The Photographer's Eye

Learn to see as the camera sees.

Explore the many facets of photographic vision. We will not dwell on computer hardware, software, nor the darkroom- but instead focus on the visual, intellectual and intuitive elements necessary for making a photograph. Find new new ways of seeing- for beginners to seasoned pros.

•  Quality of Light: Develop a greater appreciation for the quality of light- the direct light of noon, the soft light of dawn, the shadows of late afternoon, the diffused light of fog.
• Camera Lens: Explore the lens' ability to distort perspective, alter reality and isolate subjects through focus and depth-of-field.
• Point of View and the Frame: Investigate the frame's ability to edit, select, isolate, include and exclude elements in our field of vision. Examine how the camera lies to tell a greater truth.
• Composition and Photographic Design: Work with lines, shapes, forms, colors, textures, and space as the frame creates two dimensions from a three-dimensional space.
• Element of Time: Manipulate the camera shutter speed to extend and compress time, to freeze action and express motion.
• Culminating Picture: A single photograph, your final assignment, will bring together all the elements you have examined and will be presented at the final critique.

Class Structure
Begin with a review and critique of the previous day's photographs, or your previous work, followed by a slide lecture and discussion of a new aspect of "photographic vision" providing a basis for the day's assignment and fieldwork.
Experimentation is encouraged and participants are expected to stretch, explore and test new ideas. Failures and mistakes will be applauded. Assignments are designed to develop your ability to see and make photographs of what you experience, feel and see.

If you are interested in photographic studies, download our Create Your Own Workshops Guide coming soon. Please check back.

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